17 years of commitment

The Louis Bonduelle Foundation was established in 2004 by Christophe Bonduelle, Chairman of the Bonduelle Group. Its raison d’être has always been sustainable food, in all forms. Ever since it began, the Foundation has sought to go beyond general statements of intent. It has done so by informing people, developing scientific knowledge and encouraging its application in the field.

Its actions have always stood out by their inherent credibility. Indeed, from the beginning, the Foundation has based its action on the expertise of leading scientists, and has proved its commitment by measuring the impact and the effectiveness of its actions on how eating habits and lifestyles evolve.

This is why we are so proud of our record. Since 2014:

  • 210 projects promoted and funded
  • More than 500,000 beneficiaries of grassroots actions
  • 2.4 million website visitors from all over the world to our website in 2020; website is available in 8 languages
  • The Foundation is seen as credible by 94% of health professionals, according to a 2014 study.


But our work doesn’t end there. On the contrary, the dramatic change in circumstances in 2021 has driven us to step up our efforts with new resolve and to make our ACTION clear.

Our role at the heart of our communities

Active internationally, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation provides everyone with the means to bring plant-based food into their everyday lives, in a useful, realistic, original and, of course, sustainable way.

We are active internationally (in France, Italy, Canada, Russia), and our role is to give everyone the keys to transform their eating habits in a sustainable way, through plant-based food that is accessible in all its forms, available and culturally acceptable.

Our strategy aims to:

  • have a significant impact on accelerating the food transition;
  • value and support those who promote access to plant-based food and who are committed to the food transition;
  • involve young adults and families in this process, particularly those in precarious situations, as well as the Bonduelle Group employees.

What drives us

1. Scientific research

Research has taken on a new dimension, as it serves to improve the effectiveness of our actions. We are developing programmes and academic partnerships that will better assess effectiveness and impact of these actions.

In 2021, we renewed our partnership with the Anca Chair, a collaborative chair with AgroParisTech that aims to provide access to healthy and sustainable food for all. Through this programme, we aim to develop knowledge about eating habits and the impact of grassroot actions.

2. Communication in support of actions

Our objective is to ensure that each communication is a catalyst for the transformation of eating habits. In 2021, we are committed to making our communication efforts a means to accelerate the food transition in a more impactful way, in particular by informing people about everything that pertains to the accessibility of plant-based food.

This educational approach is taking shape on Instagram, with the “In my Plate” project, but also on our website, whose content and organisation are being redesigned.

Visit our Instagram account

3. Partnerships and calls for projects

From the outset, the Foundation has supported concrete grassroots initiatives driven by local partners, with the aim of helping consumers adopt sustainable eating habits. In 2020 in Russia, for example, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation teamed up with the “League of Dreams” to organise a culinary festival for disabled children to promote healthy eating habits and give children the chance to win free sports lessons.

In 2021, striving to go further and to address the specific needs of local communities, the Foundation joined forces with Ulule to organise four calls for original proposals to support better access to plant-based foods in Europe and America. This partnership between the Louis Bonduelle Foundation and Ulule is driven by a vision of social action and impact.

Discover the Let’sVegg’Up call for projects

Our know-how

In order to promote changes in eating habits that will help people live healthier lives, we strive to understand the key challenges for a more sustainable plant-based diet around the world. Whether it is about social inequalities or education, support for research, raising awareness or actions, we listen and learn so that we can identify the pressing issues that receive too little attention. We then consider whether we can make a significant difference with our influence and support, whether through a grant or a partnership.

The Louis Bonduelle Foundation team

Under the management of Marjorie Gallée, coordinator of the Louis Bonduelle Foundation, a dedicated team of Bonduelle employees manages the programmes, develops communication campaigns, prepares the Foundation’s strategic direction and selects the projects supported around the world.


The Board of Directors

Its role is to evaluate the initiatives that have been carried out, determine the Foundation’s main directions, approve the budget and vote on the projects. It meets twice a year.

It is made up of 6 members who perform their duties gratuitously. These include 2 independent members who are experts on the corporate foundation’s activities and 4 representatives of the Bonduelle Group, including members of the Bonduelle family:


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